Oklahoma Graphix Connect offers graphic media suppliers a way to provide their clients with web-to-print management tools, cost-savings, and efficiencies while providing graphic media users the same web-to-print management tools, cost-savings, and efficiencies significantly improving internal communications, reporting, approval workflows, brand management, personalization, time to market, and ease of ordering providing economic growth.

Those benefitting from these processes include, but not limited to:

·       Procurement operations

·       Marketing groups

·       Graphic Designers

·       Not for profit organizations

·       In-plants

·       Printers

·       Franchises

OKGconnect offers portals that allow hundreds of locations to order hundreds of products at the click of a mouse and all the decisions regarding branding, spend, savings, and payment are made simultaneously with that same click of the mouse.

Templates within the storefront presentation provide quick turnarounds cutting your time to market.

Operations can order a variety of materials, from door hangers and flyers to catalogs and brochures. Products can be customizable while others are static. Authorized users simply sign on, select the materials they need, customize them as needed, verify the online proof and order the materials. The next step is receiving the shipment.

All materials, including templates, are pre-approved, ensuring brand integrity by limiting the types of customizations that are available. When the online proof is approved, and the order placed, a print-ready PDF is automatically generated, and the pre-production process is complete. No one touches the job until the manufacturer pulls it down for production and then hands it off to shipping.

From the ordering side, the process is faster and simpler, and materials are received quickly. There is no need to wait for business hours, go through a three- to four-day fax or email proofing cycle, multiple times in some instances, or worry that items will contain errors when received.

The most valuable benefit we offer is the elimination of the need for you to supply and manage the human resources required to create and maintain your ordering website. OKG Connect can create the website, price engines, and templates and provide a help desk to serve your clients freeing up your staff to focus on driving your business.

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