How We Work For Marketing

We help marketing departments maintain control

Our focus is to execute your graphics media purchases providing services that expand and contract to meet your current workflow needs.  In today’s market, with so many products at your fingertips, we know it’s a struggle to research with expertise every medium available to you and to manage the spend creating the most value for your company’s internal and external clients.

 That’s where we come in.

Oklahoma Graphix through collaboration with you to develop specifications for your approval; manage bidding; report results; execute production utilizing your vendor base, our existing vendor base or a combination of both; right-size projects creating downward price pressure producing direct and/or indirect cost savings, filling talent gaps and producing more time for marketing/creative core operations.  We then deliver data resources through reports customized to your company’s needs for analysis and developing future best practices.  These strategies developed with over 30 years of experience have proven effective while enhancing, not diminishing, product attributes and continue to do so for demanding institutions such as Harley Davidson, American Cancer Society, Weight Watchers, and Yankee Candle.  

Improving buying practices means so much more than just getting a better price on graphics media.  There is unrealized value in the processes that lead up to how graphics media is bought and in the processes on how graphics media is ultimately delivered to its end recipient be it a store, a customer, a partner, or another business.  So, when we think about execution and we think about helping our clients drive an effective graphics media sourcing and procurement environment, it has to look much deeper than just buying a widget cheaper than it was bought yesterday. 

To sum up the conversation we want to have Oklahoma Graphix provide scalable operational processes, customized with you, to bid, manage, and deliver your company’s graphics media at a direct and indirect cost savings.  If you do not clearly realize direct and/or indirect cost savings, there are no fees for our services.  Oklahoma Graphix works for you, not providers.  You should always know exactly what your company is buying and how much you’re spending. We don’t believe in separating you from your suppliers or eroding your visibility into any aspect of the process.


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