How We Work For Procurement

We help procurement departments

Oklahoma Graphix was built to lead indirect print and graphic media procurement operations driving profit increases for clients. 

To organize the conversation, companies buy a substantial amount of print and graphic media goods and services to be in business.  On a macro level companies buy goods to sell to their clients and that which enable you to sell.  Buying the goods and services that you sell to your clients is paramount to everything you do.  So you have made substantial investment to make sure you have the best people, processes, systems and suppliers that ultimately take your leverage and get the best value for your clients.  Buying the things that you sell is core to everything you do.  Imagine if you could apply the same level of focus, rigor, and investment to buying print and graphic media that enable you to sell the things that you do.  Oklahoma Graphix exists exclusively to do that for you.  We’ve built for indirect procurement of print and graphic media that you buy that enable you to sell exactly what you’ve built for direct procurement.  The benefits our print and graphic media procurement functions drive are sustainable, substantial, and measurable, improving risk production, process time, and cycle time which directly correlate to revenue enhancement. 

How it can work for you: experts research your needs and spend to prove exactly how we can improve processes, reduce cost, and apply automation to make you a world class indirect print and graphic media procurement organization.  We will then leverage the things we’ve already tested.  We’ve already identified the most common gaps that are missing within the indirect print and graphic procurement function of an enterprise and we’ve developed best practices so that we can deploy them and configure them to fill those gaps in your organization.  Human capital, deep category expertise, visibility across the entire supply chain, developing spend leverage across multiple clients enabling not only to drive costs down encompassing everything we procure but to also drive down costs with your incumbent suppliers.  We deliver these capabilities in two different ways, we can deliver them for you as your outsource partner for a category or multiple categories or we can deliver them with you as your partner to help your internal supply chain team get better.  Why we think you should engage us, we focus on where you don’t, on indirect print and graphic media procurement.  Most importantly everything we do drives bottom line profit improvement and we have not found a company or a function in a company that is not focused on that.  Our solution is a complex one, customized to every customer we’ll meet.  We will meet every one of you individually to talk how we can apply our unique proposition to solve your problem and ultimately drive profit improvement within your organization.