How We Work For Providers

We help you keep clients

Oklahoma Graphix is what is missing between graphics media suppliers who want to provide their clients with web-to-print management tools, cost-savings, and efficiencies while significantly improving the provider’s (your) client communications, retention through strengthened relationships, ease of ordering and economic growth.

Provide your client a web portal to order custom graphic products meeting all client creative branding specifications, approving a real-time proof, approving real-time pricing, approving real-time shipping and delivery needs directly to you the provider a complete order with one click of the mouse.  Your client branded sites and catalogs can be created institutionally, departmentally, or individually integrating client budget and approval requirements and historical customer reordering, requiring no hardware upgrades utilizing cloud technology. 

Here’s how your client benefits.  Your client provides their user a customized branded or co-branded site for all their graphic media editing, cataloging, archiving, inventory management, and ordering, logging in to one process.  Templates will empower users to communicate their data and approve a pdf proof at the same time eliminating creative team touches of standard forms such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes… that are not custom.  Available tools provide click, pick and order ability across several graphic medias including digital, traditional offset, wide format and promotional.  Asset management is delivered by archiving all order details including creative art files eliminating client spend on servers and supporting software.   Consolidating all these processes will improve client productivity and cycle times, updating and editing, simplify reordering and customization, enhance provider service levels, and ease of ordering both vertically and horizontally across your client base.

What Oklahoma Graphix does for you.  To your own and client specifications we brand the site your client operates in with their own branding or co-branding the site with your brand.  Customizing will include rotating banner ads, pictorial catalogs customized per site within your client organizations, creating user login, price engine programming, navigation programming, customizable branded template creation, inventory management, establishing approval hierarchies, creating real-time online payment and shipping integrations, constructing full order specification and product attribute forms with dropdown and customizable entries available.  For your client’s single storefront, Oklahoma Graphix will build automated outsourcing portals to anonymously place third party orders through you (the vendor) utilizing the established conveniences of this site with your third party vendors.  For your client to complete orders Oklahoma Graphix will integrate customized checkout procedures collecting real-time payments or purchase order data for invoicing.  Oklahoma Graphix provides the know how that is missing from your team combined with decades of print experience to effectively communicate/translate via a web-to-print platform your current and future clients the same processes they are being enticed with now by your competition.