Ministry & Company Stores


Why would your ministry want an online store? Simple, to:

·        Generate revenue

·        Put your brand in places it has never been seen before

·        Allow personalization for you congregation

·        Regulate your branded image

All this is available in addition to streamlining the administrative procurement process for all your branded items including apparel, promotional items, letterhead, stationary, and direct mail. Virtually anything with your name on it. 

Wondering about the next step? It’s this simple, together we select items to build your online catalog. We design how you want those items branded to your ministry. We create a website for your online store or link it to your existing website. We utilize our built-in resources to allow your congregation to personalize the products you offer. Your congregation signs into this site just as they would any other online store. Next, they select the product then personalize it however you allow, such as their name on a jacket with your logo. They approve a proof instantly online. If you desire, we can have a second level of approval to someone on your staff to control your branding. Your congressional member then pays for the product online and you receive the revenue you have set per purchase. 

Unlimited ministries can be set up under the same congregational site allowing every area of your church to receive support, such as your youth and children’s ministries. Virtually anything you have already seen online for personalization that you would like to put your logo on and offer to your congregation can be offered in your own online store. Some product suggestions are hoodies, t-shirts, ball caps, lanyards, lapel pens, license plate frames, books, DVD productions, journals plus many, many more products. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports of sales helps you decide which products you want to continue offering and which products to remove from your site. Create lines of products based on seasons or events.

We manage all your sales tax calculation, collection and payments. We design and launch your store. We provide the online hosting. We provide the automatic shipping calculations and inventory management as needed.

Any of your suppliers can be utilized for these products, not just ours. For example, if you already have a t-shirt supplier, this site will just streamline the ordering process to this supplier eliminating extra administrative work for your staff and allow them to focus on the mission of your church.

Products needed to support your organization such as banners, printed materials, yard signs, posters can be ordered by clicking here