Print Buyers


The benefits our print and graphic media procurement functions drive are sustainable, substantial, and measurable; improving risk production, process time, and cycle time which directly correlate to revenue enhancement with:

  • Custom multi-level vertical and horizontal financial and marketing approval structures.
  • Unlimited branded logins available to match your company’s structure to the individual, department, geographical location….
  • Assigned budgets per user.
  • Ability to integrate with level 1 Ariba, Oracle and similar procurement automations.
  • Eliminate maverick spend, capturing more dollars to manage and leverage with a branded storefront catalog, assigning products to specific vendors with built in custom pricing engines per negotiations. This empowers users to compare options including size, quantities, colors, materials, and more. 
  • Seamlessly onboard incumbent vendors or benefit by aggregating your spend with our base, maximizing leverage.
  • Reduce waste and create revenue savings by analyzing and applying inventory and/or POD inventory strategies.  Use this information to develop RFPs/RFQs and perform measured negotiations providing usage with custom reporting.
  • Fixed and/or free flowing customizable templates to ensure branding guidelines are met on standard products while allowing full creativity on predetermined products.
  • Built in digital asset management (DAM). Never lose a file again.
  • Credit card or open account payment processes.

Our processes are so efficient and streamlined for both the clients using the system and the supply chain vendors that costs are often absorbed by the supply chain. What this means is your benefits are realized as 100% savings at no cost to you.

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